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Paramex Screening Services is a Third Party Administrator for Companies requiring Drug and Alcohol testing Consortium services in compliance with 49 CFR regulations of the DOT drug testing law.  Our office holds certification and liability insurance for drug testing and performing services for the DOT.  In an effort to provide additional services, Paramex contracts with Physicians to provide our clients with DMV exams as a convenience in location and price.  Information transferred and stored is done by the direction and oversight of the certified examiners and supporting staff.  Services provided by the physician to the clients establish a doctor/patient confidentiality.  Paramex Screening Services will not use examination results for purposes outside of the doctor / patient agreement.  Additionally, Paramex Screening Services reserves the right to refuse delivery of results to a requesting party or deny services to a client on behalf of the Certified Examiner.  


HIPPA guidelines are followed by our doctor’s office.  A copy of HIPPA guidelines and compliance is available upon request.  An agreement to the terms and conditions releases the Certified Examiner, Paramex Screening Services, its staff, affiliates, and collectors from all liability related to standard collection and examination procedures, the delivery of examination results.


The Patient agrees:  I do hereby release the Certified Examiner, their representatives, Paramex Screening Services, its employees, agents, representatives, and collectors from any and all liabilities arising from the release or use of the information derived from or contained in my examination results.  I understand that no-one can access my examination results without my express written permission and that a valid copy of my state or federal ID is required if picking up additional copies of my exam pages/certification.  I further understand that all materials written on the DMV long form are being released by my consent and personal hand to the DMV and my employer (if requested).


With the intention of maintaining neutrality and unbiased relations in your examination process, the Certified Examiner and Paramex Screening Services, will not provide employment advice to employers based on results of an examination.  All advice, opinion, explanation, and medical direction given by the physician is held in confidence. Any decision to use examination results or materials as an employment decision is done at the choice of the donor and his potential or current employer.  Only the required information will be recorded and reported in the long form as required by the DMV.  


Payment is due at time of service at the current listed price.  All pricing is not limited to contracting and may change without notice to any party.  Appointments scheduled before a price increase are not subject to the change and will only pay the posted price that was listed at the time the appointment was scheduled and confirmed. Paramex Screening Services reserves the right to discount DMV exams for its consortium members and any other third party at the permission of the performing physician.  Not all pricing is uniform.  Paramex Screening Services does not bill outside companies or TPAs for DMV exams.  (An outside company is defined as a company not enrolled in a DOT program through Paramex Screening Services).  Payment is accepted in cash, credit, or debit.  Personal Checks and business checks from Independent Owner Operators are not accepted. Company checks from established billing clients are accepted. Payment installments are not appropriate and will not be accepted.  


Clients / Patients are required to maintain their appointments.  Appointments are auto confirmed.  All data in the scheduling fields are requested to be filled.  An e-mail address is required for scheduling your appointment.  A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address to show verification that your appointment has been scheduled with our office. This email confirmation will provide a link for you to cancel your appointment in the event that you are unable to keep the date and time that you requested.  All no-show clients and appointments canceled same day will be charged an additional $30.00 if a second appointment is made.  Calling our office more than 24 hours in advance (530) 895-3203 will be acceptable only if you leave contact with a staff member.  Voicemail messages will not be accepted as a means of canceling your appointment.  Companies who are billed for DMV exams will be billed for no-show and late cancellations of exams.  Failure or refusal to pay the additional fees will result in the cancellation of DMV services with Paramex Screening Services and its Certified Examiners.  




All terms of service and liability are individual and unique to the insurance agents, providers, and clients. The Examiner(s) office is a contracted provider for your insurance agent/company.  Details related to your exam including requirements and suggestions from your insurance provider are listed on the insurance exam scheduling page of this site.  




All clients, donors, patients, providers, and agents agree to all terms and conditions listed on this site for selected services when scheduling an appointment with Paramex and its affiliates through this site or by phone assistance for those without internet access.  In providing your information for an appointment you agree and fully submit to all terms and conditions listed for these services, file storage and the release of liability for the transmission of results.  These parties further agree to hold Paramex Screening Services and its affiliates free from all liabilities related to the outcome of the results of your testing/exam and the consequences involved with employment, policy rejection, and rates on accepted policies due to the information contained in your results/exam.    

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