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Every company and Independent Owner Operator must sign up for the FMCSA Clearinghouse.  This new website will provide access to driver's drug and alcohol positive history.  Employers will be able to run Queries on new hires, employees will have access to their own records, and independent operators will be managed by their drug testing company directly.

The required use of this website begins January 6, 2020.  Sign up today.


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Paramex website provides you with a quick and easy to find link below to return to your FMCSA Clearinghouse login page.  

Please note:  Paramex cannot login on your behalf, store your username / password, or help you if you forgot your password. 

You can select in your login to have Paramex manage your company and run Queries on your behalf (cost included).


Paramex offers FMCSA Clearinghouse services, providing full and limited queries, annual queries, record keeping, reporting of positive and return to duty tests. 

*Annual Membership cost is: 


*Plus $30.00 (Full Queries) $20.00 (Limited Queries)

Auto payment with bank or card required.

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