Time to add your employees








For companies that are new to a DOT random program, all of your DOT safety sensitive employees must be DOT Pre-Employment drug tested on appropriate Paramex CCFs before they can begin their safety sensitive job for your company.  The Pre-employment drug test is one of the steps that must always be followed before an employee can begin performing a DOT safety sensitive job. 


Companies who are switching to Paramex from another provider, and wish to skip the process of pre-employment testing their current DOT safety sensitive employees, need to understand that employees must be verified through documentation from your previous drug testing provider and with MRO test results before Paramex will add them to our consortium.  *See RULES below. 


Before you begin adding employee information, and before Paramex accepts you or these employees into our consortium, it is important to review the following DOT and/or Paramex Consortium rules regarding your employees being added to a Paramex' consortium.  After your employee information has been entered, Paramex will review the data and let you know if there are any issues.  




Adding employee information in this step DOES NOT mean that the employee is now actively enrolled in a Random Program. This is just an information and document gathering process.




Every Employee you add must meet one of the following criteria before their name will be added to our consortium.


1.  We have a Pre Employment or Random DOT MRO negative result for the employee that is less than 30 days old.  or...

2.  We have a Pre Employment or Random DOT MRO negative result for the employee that is less than 6 months old and can prove with a document from our previous Drug testing company that this employee is actively enrolled in our random program as of today. 

3.  We will send this employee to Paramex or an agreed upon clinic to receive a DOT Pre-Employment drug test to have them added to the Random Program.  We understand that by sending the employee for a test does not add them to the program, but that it is the result to follow the test and the notification from Paramex that will enable us to begin using the employee in our DOT safety sensitive areas.   






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