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On-Call Testing


Need After-Hours Testing? 
Paramex has a collector available 24/7.  

It is important to note that Paramex is not open for business 24-7.  However, we recognize that your company or personal needs may sometimes require the services of after hours testing.  Paramex provides this service for companies who enroll in our 24-7 membership.  Personal and Court Testing can use us after hours by pre-scheduling the testing before 12:00 pm on the date of the after hours testing.  If your company is in need of this service and you are not enrolled in our 24-7 membership, be prepared to pay a non member fee or you can sign up at the time of need by paying for your first year in advance. Please do not confuse this service with the ability to walk in for testing at any time. Our doors are closed for testing at the regularly scheduled times.  We encourage you to contact us during business hours to enroll in this membership to avoid high costs and ensure availability from our office after hours. 


Call us at 



If you reach us after-hours, you will be prompted to PRESS (7)


Wait for your call to be connected - then leave a message.  Include your name, company, phone number, and the testing that is needed.


Non-members and personal testing - BE PREPARED TO MAKE PAYMENT
Non-member fee *Starting at $500.00

FOR COURT ORDER TESTING: Paramex operates within standard business hours which can be found on your notice and in our contact information page on our website.  Because the court offers only 12 and 24-hour notices for drug testing, Paramex allows the use of our 24-7 availability for those being tested.  This service has an additional charge that must be paid by the one who requests its use.  COSTS: 75.00 for appointments made before 12:00 PM on the day of testing.  $150.00 for appointments made after 12:00 PM on the day of testing.

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