This class provided the latest updates to the newest drug names/signs/symptoms, uses..etc.  Great information on confronting the suspected abuser.



Supervisor Training Classes

Classes for Supervisors & Employees

When is the Class?

Upcoming Classes:

November 13, 2020

Where is the Class?

Classes are always hosted in Chico CA.  Onsite classes are available by request and within signed terms and conditions.  Paramex does not offer online classes

How long is the Class?

All classes begin at 9:00 AM and end by

12:00 PM.  There is a short intermission during the class.  Special times can be arranged for pre-arranged classes of 10 or more.

How much is the Class?

$100.00 for one supervisor and $75.00 for each additional supervisor.  Different pricing may be available for large group classes.  Payment is due on class day.

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