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Personal Drug & Alcohol Testing

100% Confidential

Paramex offers a wide variety of options for drug testing.  Just the same, we recognize that people, companies, and families have just as wide a variety of reasons for needing testing.  We are happy to be a local and far-reaching option for many.  Take some time to research the information we provide on our site and then allow Paramex the opportunity to provide you with the local and expert service you are searching for today on the web. 

Pre-screening before applying for a position

Methods of Testing

Multiple testing methods to choose from

Not all substances can be detected in every testing matrix


Methods of Testing

Rapid Urine Testing

2 - 4 day testing history

Starts at $35.00+

Rapid testing is an excellent option for those looking for quick results for peace of mind or for large group screening.  Paramex offers up to a 10 panel in urine rapid screens as well as nicotine, THC only, K-2 Spice, and ETG.  It is important to note that rapid screening is an enzyme based testing process and does not include GC-MS confirmation unless requested.  Rapid screen results should never be used in court or legal matters and screening levels may vary slightly from lab confirmation testing that is sometimes utilized by companies in pre employment drug testing.  

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Urine Drug Testing

2 - 4 day testing history

Starts at $45.00+

Urine drug testing is still the most popular choice in drug and alcohol detection.  Drug and alcohol use can be detected 2 to 4 days after consumption.  Positive tests will indicate consumption only and not exposure.  Collection sites and labs are well trained to detect cheating, but adulteration/substitution is easier in urine testing. Paramex Screening offers multiple pre-designed testing panels, and the ability to customize your tested substances to include or exclude specific drug types and screen for less popular or new drugs. 

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Hair Drug Testing

90 day testing with available exposure testing

Starts at $140.00+

Hair testing has advanced significantly making it one of the most reliable and unbeatable drug tests on the market. The preferred collection location is head hair.  Testing shows a history up to 3 months back but does not show recent use within 10 days.  Positive drug results indicate drug consumption and not exposure.  Positive alcohol results will indicate alcohol use above the average casual drinker.  Hair Testing has also become popular in courts with custody and child abuse cases.  Paramex offers an extensive set of panels including Alcohol - ETG testing that supplies accountability for those who want to prove sobriety or show evidence of no past drug use.  Parents wanting to test a minor may need to perform the cutting of the hair while in our office.  

Hair Testing.jpg
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Fingernail Drug Testing

3 - 6 month history on average

Same pricing as hair drug test panels

Fingernail testing is a newer option available to the public.  It has great benefits and mirrors the methods used in hair testing.  Fingernails need to be at least the length as the band width of a quarter.  Fingernail polish or glue will need to be removed prior to cutting the nails.  Positives are indicators of drug consumption and not exposure.  Testing shows a history of up to 6 months for fingernails.  

Fingernail drug testing.jpg
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Alcohol & ETG/ETS Testing

Current intoxication or past use

Breath $40 | Urine $60+ | Hair $145 | Nail $145

Alcohol remains the most widely abused drug.  Paramex offers the latest in technology and testing options for alcohol.  Our office provides Breath Alcohol Testing with Confirmation on approved and professionally calibrated DOT equipment.  Paramex can lab test urine, hair, and fingernails for ETG/ETS metabolites for past alcohol use.  Most recently our office has added ETG rapid screening to prove recent sobriety.  

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Urine Drug Testing
Hair Drug Testing
Alcohol & ETG Drug Testing
Fingernail Drug Testing

Drug Testing - Frequently asked questions

Drug Testing Frequently asked questions

1.  Do I need an Appointment - How should I prepare?    

No appointment is required.  We suggest you call to let us know you are coming and to check on the wait time in the office.  And of course please call if you are expected but cannot make it.  To prepare, be certain you are able to use the restroom if you are opting to have a urine test.  If you need a hair test or fingernail test, we ask that optimal lengths be available for us to collect.  Please do not arrive moments before lunch or closing time. Lastly, you will need a PHOTO ID, or a guardian if you are under 18 years old.    

2.  Who has access to my results?    

In personal testing, only the people you want will have access to your results.  Results can be faxed, picked up in person, or delivered on our website with a Paramex My Account (additional cost $15.00).  Your personal test results will not be released at the request of a Court Subpoena without your consent.  You can also select to have your testing listed as a John or Jane Doe.  

3.  Do I need to bring a list of my prescriptions?   

Generally no.  We do not provide a Medical exemption for prescriptions in personal testing.  It may be helpful to see them if we are working at developing a specific test for you that includes or excludes a drug you are taking.     

4.  How long will it take to get results?  

No one likes to hear it, but it can vary. Generally, all lab testing is completed in 24 to 48 hours.  Positive tests can take a few additional days, and in some rare testing situations, results can be as long as 5+ business days.  Paramex quickly moves the results into your hands once they are released from lab testing.  

5.  Do you take insurance?  

Paramex will not bill your insurance for testing.  Based on your testing purpose, you may be able to submit your expenses to your insurance for a reimbursement.  Our pricing is highly competitive.  Payment is always due at time of service.  

6.  Do you offer consultations?  

Paramex is not a counseling center, pharmacy, or toxicology center.  We do not offer referrals or advice based on your results.  Paramex provides screening services at affordable costs to our local citizens and companies, giving you access to services and credentialed labs that are usually not offered or are way over priced.  We are happy to hear you out to offer guidance in selecting the best testing, and we are able to offer assistance in reading and understanding your test results.  

Didn't see your question.  Take a moment to ask us.   

Use the "LIVE CHAT" link at the bottom of the screen.  or send an email directly to our staff... 

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