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SPORTS Physicals

For Kids & Teens 

Online scheduling and fast office visits for pre-participation clearance 


COST $55

No insurance billing. Pay at time.

Checks not accepted


Sports physicals are often referred to as a "pre-participation clearance" and is often required by schools, sports clubs, organized sports programs, and state or local ordinances.  The specifics of a physical may vary based on the authority governing the Child's sports program.  The general purpose of the physical is to ensure that the Child | Teen is healthy and ready to compete in the sport of choice.  Exams are never intended to replace need for a Child | Teen to receive regular pediatric care from a primary provider.  Exams cannot be used to verify, confirm, or identify any pre-existing or potential future medical conditions.  

  • Health History 

  • General examination

  • Vital Signs Check

  • Vision Check

  • Review of Health History 

All exams require the presence of the Child | Teens legal guardian.  Friends and proxy authorities cannot consent and fill out health histories or sit in on exams.  The Guardian is responsible to authorize the completion of the health history and sign consent for the exam to proceed.  A single guardian is welcome to be present in the room for the exam.  Copies of the exam are available to the Guardian upon request.  Additional copies cannot be transmitted without additional consent.   


  • Guardian of the Child | Teen must bring a valid photo ID. 

  • A student photo ID is requested for Teenagers.  

  • Child | Teen should wear loose fitting clothing and tennis shoes.

  • Bring any required school or sports team paperwork - including physical requirements that may have been shared with you by any governing authority.

  • Do not eat a heavy meal within 1 hour of your appointment.

  • Avoid sugar and caffeine for 2 hours leading up to your appointment

  • Contact Paramex before your appointment if you require any physical accommodations for you or your guardian. 


Sports Physicals and the answers from Child | Teen & Family Health History forms are not intended to serve as a visit to a primary care facility.  The complexity or simplicity of a Sports Physical is based on the requests of the governing agency, school district, or sports program and any supporting documentation provided to Paramex.  The only purpose of a Sports Physical is to make a determination of your ability to safely perform in the outlined sport description.  Referrals for treatment and/or a clearance from a primary/pediatrician or other treating doctor may be required if there are any potential health risks that we cannot clear.  Results of a Sports Physical are determined without the aid of x-rays, blood work, and other laboratory or office analysis/testing.  Our office does not provide primary health care, on-going treatment, or insurance billing.  Paramex Sports Physicals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or be used for referrals for treatment for any visible, past, present, or potentially seen or unseen condition, sickness, or disease. 
The direct results of a Sports Physical may be based upon medical history answers alone, when clearance is not granted.  Complete honesty is required by the Child | Teen & Guardian in the answering of a health history concerning personal medical records, pre-existing health conditions, current or past injuries, any physician diagnosis, current treatment, current therapy, drug & alcohol abuse, and a lists of prescribed medicines. Deliberate falsification of any answers on a medical history form or in an exam/tests will be grounds for immediate disqualification or continued services from Paramex.  Answers and physical performances are not compared to other sports players to determine a value or to make decisions in our final determination of a Sports Physical.  Copies of all medical history, test results, and physical results may also be forwarded to requesting parties, without additional consent, in the situation of a legal mater whereby the documents are subpoenaed. 
Guardian Consent will be required to releases Paramex Screening Services, its physicians and staff from any liability arising from future injury, illness, or discovery related to a Child | Teen's physical conditions which may not have been clearly detectable during a simplified examination and review of a health history.  Consent will further authorize Paramex Screening Services to obtain past or current medical records from any physician, clinic, hospital, medical database, or medical practitioner that has treated the Child | Teen in the past, if the need arises within the physical to provide a clearance.  


Sports Physical Disclaimer
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