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DOT Employee Handbook

Download the DOT Employee handbook.  This handbook provides answers to and education for employee responsibility, drug testing processes, privacy, and many other helpful materials.  Maintaining a good education about DOT drug and Alcohol Testing will help minimize frustration in the random testing process.

DOT Employer Handbook

Download the DOT Employer handbook.  This handbook provides answers to DERs.

Medical Questions / Qualifications

This link will take you to DOT frequently asked medical questions for FMCSA drivers. questions about: prescriptions, driving conditions, and much more.   

Read and download the DOT law

Looking for a specific portion of DOT law?  Find it here in the complete DOT Drug and Alcohol legislation, 49 CFR part 40.  

Regulations & Responsibilities

Connect with all the drug and alcohol regulations for DOT.  This link will take you to the answers you may have about the specific requirements for your company   

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In response to the need of employee education for DOT rules and regulations.  Your company has supplied you access to this landing page.  Individual links are designed to give you additional information and guidance in answering many of the questions that relate to DOT Law. Of course, if you ever have a need you are encouraged to contact the DER of your company and consult your company policy.  


Independent Owner Operators are encouraged to use this page in assisting them with educational questions related to DOT and are encouraged to contact the Program Director at Paramex with any further assistance that may be needed.

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