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Paternity Tests

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24 Hour Results - available for most tests*

Peace of Mind

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The Standard DNA test supplies an answer only to the relation between the child and alleged parent.  The results hold no legal ground in court and custody related matters.  Standard DNA tests cannot be upgraded after they are collected and sealed.

- Tests the Mother's DNA, 1 Child's      DNA, and 1 Alleged Father's DNA.

- Professional Collection Services

- Local Chico CA office

- One child & alleged father

- Add $75 per additional child 

- Split visit option to avoid conflicts

- Safe buccal swab collections

- No hidden costs

- Credentialed National Lab

- Fast results - 4-5 business days

- Up to 99.99% Accuracy

- Secure Reporting

- *24 hour results available for additional cost.


Legal Guardian of Child must be present.  Mothers who have full or partial custody must be present to give consent.  




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The Legal DNA test supplies the answer to the relation between the child and alleged parent and includes the additional confirmation of having the mother's DNA tested (at no additional cost) in paternity tests.  Identities and results are Notarized and stand legal and COURT ADMISSABLE. 

- Professional Collection Services

- Local Chico CA office

- One child & alleged father + mother

- Add $75 per additional child

- Split visit option to avoid conflicts

- Safe buccal swab collections

- No hidden costs

- Credentialed National Lab

- Fast results 4-5 business days

- 99.99% Accuracy

- Secure Reporting

- * 24-hour results available for additional cost.



- ID and Birth certificate Verified

- Live party photo 

- Certified Notary Signature 



Legal Guardian of Child must be present.  Mothers who have full or partial custody must be present to give consent.  



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The Prenatal blood test is available in situations where it becomes important to verify paternity before the child is born.  The mother will receive a blood draw and the alleged father will give cheek cells through a buccal swab test.  This test can also be upgraded to LEGAL.

- Professional Collection Services

- Local Chico CA office

- Expecting mother blood draw

- Alleged father buccal swab 

- Split visit option to avoid conflicts

- Certified California Phlebotomist 

- No hidden costs

- Credentialed National Lab

- Fast results 1-2 business weeks

- 99.99% Accuracy

- Secure Reporting



+ $100 For Court Admissible Services to be added.  



The parents of the expecting mother must be present to give consent if the mother is a minor.  The expecting mother needs to be at least 9 weeks along to perform this testing.  Results can take up to 2 weeks from date of collection.  Appointments are only available Monday - Thursday.  Friday appointments and days before holidays are not available.

Be prepared for your VISIT

Prepare for your visit

Your Appointment cannot be performed earlier than was scheduled, and late appointments may be canceled to avoid a lapse into another client's appointment time.

1.  Arrive on time  

2.  Bring your ID  

Please bring a valid state or federal ID.  In legal DNA testing, a Hospital or Live Birth Certificiate is needed.  

3.  Payment Due  

Your cost is due before services are rendered.  Paramex accepts cash, credit, and debit.

No company or personal checks.  You will be asked to indicate method of payment when making your appointment.  Lawyers, firms, cities, counties, and tribal organizations can set up accounts for multiple client testing, but not for single use.    

4.  Health History  

You will be asked two important health questions.  1. Have you had a recent bone marrow transplant?  2. Have you had a recent blood transfusion?

5.  Restrictions

We will be swabbing up to four sterile cotton swabs on the inside of your cheeks to gather the needed DNA.  Because the collected DNA is in your mouth, to avoid cross contamination, we would ask that you refrain from the following before arriving: NO sharing food or drinks, kissing, breast feeding, or bottle feeding with breast milk.  These activities can leave traces of another's DNA in your mouth causing cross contamination of the collected DNA. It would be best to refrain from these activities for 1 hour prior to your appointments. Eating prior to your appointment is not recommended, but if you do, please drink water and not soda/coffee to be certain your mouth is clean before arriving.  Babies may eat formula and baby food.

6.  Who can come  

We recommend that only the child's guardians, the mother, the children to be tested, and the alleged father come to the appointment.  If additional family or friends arrive, they will not be permitted into the exam room with you unless they are infants.  Our waiting room is often filled with other clients and we ask that visitors of appointments remain at home or in their car.  Your appointment will move quickly.  

Frequently asked questions


1.  Is the collection process safe for newborns?  

Perfectly safe.  They often cry because they confuse the swab as meal time and get very frustrated.


The standard sample for a paternity test is a cheek swab (also called buccal swab), which is a long cotton swab that is rubbed inside the inner cheek lining of a person’s mouth. Typically, four swabs are collected from each tested party. 

3.  What are the risks if I get a prenatal blood draw for our DNA test?    

There are no known medical risks for a standard blood draw.  There is very little blood being taken and we expect the only side effect will be a band aide mark on your arm.  Please be certain to let the phlebotomist know if you have previous history of fainting during blood draws.  Blood draws are required for all Prenatal DNA testing.  Cheek Swabs will not supply the lab with the child's DNA.   

4.  How do we know when the results are available?   

We know you are anxious to get your results and we don't mind you calling and checking on the availability.  We do promise to contact you as soon as we have your results available.  When you arrive for your appointment we will settle terms of result delivery.  The results can be picked up in person upon the submission of a photo ID, faxed, or made available on our website with a username and login for a Paramex My Account.  Internet logins receive email notification when results are available.     

5.  What can we expect to see on the results?  

The results are not as basic as a Yes or No he is the father.  You will typically see a 99.99% or 0% probability of paternity.  This is your indicator.  You are always welcome to ask questions if you need explanation.  

6.  Exactly where and how is our DNA being tested? 

Our results come with the guarantee of quality and are delivered with speed, convenience and most importantly, accuracy through Alliance DNA.  Our results routinely provide a probability of paternity of either 99.99% or 0%. Whether you just need to know or will need results that can be used in a legal matter, Alliance DNA has you covered.

Didn't see your question?  Take a moment to ask us.   

Send an email directly to our staff  

Buccal swabs and blood samples provide results with the same degree of accuracy. But, since buccal swabs are easy and painless to collect, they are used in the majority of DNA paternity tests.

2.  Are buccal swabs as accurate as blood samples?    

DNA Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

HIPPA guidelines are followed by our doctor’s office.  A copy of HIPPA guidelines and compliance is available upon request.  An agreement to the terms and conditions releases our doctors, Paramex Screening Services, its staff, affiliates, and collectors, and labs from all liability related to standard collection and examination procedures, and the delivery of results.


The Patient agrees:  I do hereby release Paramex Screening Services, its employees, agents, representatives, and collectors from any and all liabilities arising from the release or use of the information derived from or contained in my test results.  I understand that no-one can access my test results without my express written permission and that a valid copy of my state or federal ID is required if picking up additional copies of my results. 


With the intention of maintaining neutrality and unbiased relations in your collection and reporting process, Paramex Screening Services, will not provide advice or counsel based on results of a DNA test.  All advice, opinion, explanation, and medical direction given by our company and labs is held in confidence. Any decision to use results or materials in legal or family decisions is done at the choice of the donors and guardians.  Only the required information will be recorded and reported in the results from the lab.  Paramex reserves the right to refuse these services to anyone.  Under circumstances where personal interest may be a factor in our staff or company with any of the testing parties, testing will not be permitted.  Paramex requires a complete unbiased third party experience to remain un-involved in any desired outcome of the test results.  Consents of non interest and procedure will be completed by all parties and testing staff before beginning the collection process of DNA.  


Payment is due at time of service at the current listed price.  All pricing is not limited to contracting and may change without notice to companies that contract for DNA testing.  Appointments scheduled before a price increase are not subject to the change and will only pay the posted price that was listed at the time the appointment was scheduled and confirmed. Paramex Screening Services reserves the right to discount DNA exams for the public or for private individuals.  Payment is accepted in cash, credit, or debit.  American Express credit cards are not accepted.  Personal Checks and business checks are not accepted.  Company checks from established billing clients are accepted. Payment installments are not appropriate and will not be accepted.  


Clients / Patients are required to maintain their appointments.  Appointments are auto confirmed.  All data in the scheduling fields are requested to be filled.  An e-mail address is required for scheduling your appointment.  A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address to show verification that your appointment has been scheduled with our office. This email confirmation will provide a link for you to cancel your appointment in the event that you are unable to keep the date and time that you requested.  All no-show clients and appointments canceled same day will be charged an additional $30.00 if a second appointment is made.  Calling our office more than 24 hours in advance (530) 895-3203 will be acceptable only if you leave contact with a staff member.  Voicemail messages will not be accepted as a means of canceling your appointment.  Companies who are billed for DNA exams will be billed for no-show and late cancellations of exams.  Failure or refusal to pay the additional fees will result in the cancellation of DNA services with Paramex Screening Services and its labs.  


DNA - Terms & Conditions

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