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Fit 4 Duty Physicals

Available to members only.

Allow Paramex to craft a specific exam to the needs of your job descriptions.

Once your company is signed up, you will have access to online scheduling and invoice billing for your candidates.  It is important to note that Paramex only provides pre-hire physicals.  We do not offer return to work physicals after injuries or work comp claims.

Prepared for your Physical

Be Prepared for your Physical

Your Appointment cannot be performed earlier than was scheduled, and late appointments may be canceled to avoid a lapse into another clients appointment time.

1.  Arrive on time.  

2.  Bring your ID  

Please bring a valid driver's license.  We cannot accept an expired driver's license or a photo copy of your license.  

3.  Health History  

You may be asked basic health history information.  Please be prepared to indicate dates of onset, diagnosis, treating physician's name and address, and current limitations related to a medical condition or operation.  Bring a list of current medications (including over-the-counter medications) used regularly or recently. 

4.  Urine Specimen  

Most exams do not require a drug test.  Unless you are aware of a drug test that is needed at the time of your exam, you will not be required to take one.  The doctor will need a urine sample for a basic urinalysis.  Please drink a water before arriving to ensure you can provide a specimen in a timely manner.  

5.  Glasses  

You will be taking a vision test during your exam.  It is a simple check-up, but if you wear glasses while driving, you need to bring the glasses with you for this portion of the exam.  

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

Paramex recommends that all questions regarding your physical be directed to your employer.  They will be able to give your specifics regarding the physical requirements of the job and the type of physical they have performed for your position.

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