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Congratulations.  You are taking the first step in making your workplace a safer place with a drug and alcohol testing program.  For the past 30 years, we, at Paramex, have been privileged to provide local services to hundreds of companies.  What we have learned for certain, is that there is no single drug testing model that works for all companies.  Some companies are regulated by organizations or by the government, and others, perhaps like yours, have specific needs or opinions regarding testing.  The most important step is for us to get to know your company first.  Please take the time to complete the enrollment steps we have provided online, and then rest assured that we will make the program fit your needs by spending some time on the phone or in person to verify the exact services, costs, and protocols that will ensure we have a long lasting, working relationship.  



Company Drug Testing



Train your Supervisors

Reasonable Suspicion Class

There is a right way and a liability way.


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