Make a Correction

Please follow this link to our correction report.  You will be asked to describe the data entry mistake and provide the needed information for us to make the adjustment on your membership record.  

Credit card information is not required to complete this online enrollment.


Paramex provides this online enrollment as a method of collecting the needed data for your membership.  By completing this process, you are not yet in compliance.  The following must be completed after your online enrollment is done...
(1) Paramex will approve all your submissions
(2) Paramex must receive payment - initial payment cannot be billed.
(3) All the needed Pre-employment drug testing must be completed with MRO negative results.
(4) Enroll in FMCSA Clearinghouse | select Paramex as your CTPA | purchase queries for us to perform

We are here to help if there are any questions at any time during your enrollment. 
Please plan to finish the entire process.  Each step will submit data, so you can stop and come back if you need to.  Use the "Return to a Step" tool below if you are returning.

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