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Court Order Testing

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Drug Testing - Panels & Prices

Urine Testing Panels / Pricing

Urine Testing Panels / Pricing

Not every drug test is the same.  You must first decide what testing method you are allowed to use in your court order: Urine, Hair, and Fingernails are the most popular forms of testing allowed by the court.  Next and most importantly you have to know what drugs you are trying to screen.  Every drug produces detectable metabolites in our bodies that can be found in testing.  Urine testing is the most cost-effective method of testing and can detect recent drug use for up to 3 days.  Other methods like hair tests don't show recent use but give us a picture of past use by showing the same metabolites which have become trapped in the hair.  Not every drug can be tested by all methods.  If you do not see a test panel that includes the drug/substance you are hoping to test, you can request that specific drug test when setting up your court order testing.  At this time, Paramex does not allow you to set up the testing online.  These pages are informational.  You will need to visit our office to set up details related to your testing needs.  Please be certain to bring a copy of your court order for review.  These prices do not include other services you may require such as Testing Notifications, Specialized Result Delivery, Letters of No-Show, and Random Testing Programs for probation.  

Drug Testing is not medical or social treatment.  If you believe you are being poisoned or you suspect drug abuse, prescription abuse, or (Child, Spouse, or Elderly) abuse - CALL 911 or visit the hospital.

All Blood work drug testing requires a prior appointment and a court order for testing to be accepted.

Urine testing shows recent use within the past 3 days.  Note: Marijuana will stay in your body much longer is can be detected in urine up to 4 months after single use depending on several factors.  

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Only the primary family drug names are listed.  Specific drug categories may test for additional drugs, i.e. opiates (morphine and codeine).  Specialized panels can be requested and panels with more extensive drug categories are available.  See below this chart for more details. 






urine prices 2019 picture.JPG

Add $25.00

Add $25.00

Add $25.00

Add $25.00


Hair & Nail Drug Testing Panels & Pricing 

(Nail testing has added cost)










Hair & Nail Drug Testing Panels

Hair Testing gives you a past view of drug use and is based on the length of hair.  Our prices are set for a 90 Day detection window based on 1.5 inches of head hair.  Paramex will not cut or test body or facial hair, only head hair.  Nail testing (with the proper nail lengths) can detect further back than hair tests with an average testing window of 1- 120 days of detection history.  Positive drug and alcohol tests in hair and nail drug testing indicates consumption and not exposure, unless ordering a childguard test.  Specifically, alcohol positives point toward a trend of risky drinking, not casual/social drinking or incidental exposure.

Let's schedule that appointment time to set up testing with Paramex

Specific drugs cannot be categorized and tested separately.  To test a specific drug, you need to select the panel that includes that drug.  There are no additional panels or drugs that Paramex tests through hair or nail at this time.  ETG testing can be added to any test for $145.  By itself, ETG can be tested for $175.













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